Polyflow can provide Automotive Industry a full range of hot runner system, directed against interior and external automotive parts that produced from large and medium sized mold. Its pre-wiring and assemble system help to reduce mold production time, making customers more satisfy.



Polyflow Hot Runner System is also a good solution for Electronics and Industrial applications, including multi-material injection molding, insert-molding, over-molding and multi-component molding. Rapid product changes, critical dimensional stability and engineered resins, all require the highest quality hot runner performance. Polyflow can be your good choice..


Medical and Healthcare

Polyflow Valve Gate System is well suitable for producing high quality and consistent medical & healthcare products, such as multi-material medical devices, disposable syringes, diagnostic equipment and clean room micro articles. Its full balanced system provides the advantage of high-quality production and meets the needs of the Medical & Healthcare Industry.



Polyflow Smart Series is dedicated system for the Packaging Industry. It is an innovative solution for both highly standardized products such as caps, closures and thin wall containers, as well as other custom projects such as specialty closures and containers. This system adopts unique thermal insulation device to reduce the heat loss. It can keep the same temperature for each nozzle on the multi-cavity mold. There is no dead spot design on the nozzle and manifold for the rapid color change. In addition, it can simplify the mold design and shorten the mold manufacturing cycle time.


Appliances and Home Products

With a complete configuration of Polyflow hot runner systems, manufacturers of both large and small home appliances are able to create innovative design. Polyflow Hot Runner System can provide excellent product quality and efficiency for the production and is able to solve the various technical problems of manufacturers.