Filter Nozzle

Filter Nozzle ensures reliable production operation of the hot runner systems. Especially for smaller gate diameters and when processing re-ground materials.


  • Metallic and non-metallic foreign objects are filtered out reliably during production.
  • Additional shear and mixing effects homogenise the melt.
  • Minimal pressure drop in high volume flow rate due to rheologically beneficial flow diameters.
  • Permits easy cleaning
  • Increased process reliability
  • Reduction of maintenance expenses

Valve Gate Adjustment Device

Polyflow® Valve gate systems can be used on both pneumatic and hydraulic system..All valve cylinders provide with a precise pin adjustment device to control the length in 1mm.The pin adjustment device enables exact adjuxtments to 0.05 mm without disassembly. Moreover, it is easily accessible frombehind. With  the adjustment tools and special design,user can control the valve pin in high precision and Specific level. Assist with Polyflow®valve gate systems,you will be free and relaxed to improve your product quality,reduce working hour and increase your productivity.

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